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Why Buy From Jaytronic Technologies?

The staff at Jaytronic Technologies knows that there are many corporate sites on the internet that sell metal detectors.  You as the consumer, interested in buying a new metal detector or accessory, have to make a decision.  All metal detector dealers sell the same detectors at nearly the same price.  It is the small things that count in this business and at Jaytronic Technologies we excel at these small things.  Listed below are just some of the things that you should think about before buying a metal detector from any dealer and then you will see why you should buy from Jaytronic Technologies.


Most metal detector manufacturers require all dealers to follow a Minimum Advertised Price Policy or MAP policy.  This MAP policy sets the minimum amount a dealer can advertise the price of a metal detector.  Garrett strictly enforces a MAP policy, but Bounty Hunter does not.  In order to add value to the customer's purchase, dealers will add accessories free of charge at the MAP in order to entice customers to purchase from them.  At Jaytronic Technologies we try to keep our margins as low as possible, teetering on the edge of going in the red, in order to provide our customers with the highest value at the lowest price. 


Most metal detector dealers are knowledgeable and actually love to metal detect.  Before buying from a metal detector dealer, read over some articles on their site or talk to them to get a feel for how knowledgeable they really are when it comes to metal detecting.  You should feel confident that the dealer you choose to buy from has the resources and experience to answer any question you may have about your detector.  At Jaytronic Technologies our owner, Jay, has a B.S. and M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering and over 15 years of experience metal detecting.  With his solid background in electromagnetics and electronics, Jay understands how metal detectors work.  His experience and knowledge in the field of metal detecting allow him to suggest and answer nearly any question about metal detectors.  If Jay does not know the answer he is not afraid to admit that and with the staff at Jaytronic Technologies he will be able to research your question and answer your question as soon as possible.

Customer Service

Customer service is something that has been forgotten over the last couple of years by companies.  We are sure you as a customer have been treated unfairly and had to deal with your share of rude customer service agents.  The staff at Jaytronic Technologies will do everything possible to make sure that you are a fully satisfied customer.  All customer service agents are kind and knowledgeable, ready to service you.  If you are unhappy with anything please contact us and we will remedy the situation.  In return we ask that you spread the word about your wonderful experience with Jaytronic Technologies.

Deals and Giveaways

Everyone loves to get FREE merchandise!  Does your potential metal detector dealer offer discount deals and giveaways?  At Jaytronic Technologies we appreciate our customers and to show that appreciation we provide discounts and hold sweepstake contests regularly.  If you want to stay up to date on metal detector discounts and giveaways, you can sign up for our newsletter or like us on facebook.


It is our mission at Jaytronic Technologies to aid you in finding that perfect metal detectory or accessory that will take your hunting to the next level!  You can rest assured that we will be there for you with any metal detector questions or concerns.  We realize that without our customers we would not have a dealership.  We want to thank you for buying from Jaytronic Technologies and look forward to servicing you in the future!