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A pinpointer will aid in tracking down that hard to find coin or relic and save time when digging. A must have for any metal detector hobbyist.

Bounty Hunter Pinpointer

A pinpointer is a must have accessory to aid in finding a buried target faster in deep holes and dirt piles. With single knob control to adjust sensitivity and audio/vibration indication, the Bounty Hunter pinpointer is so easy to use.


Garrett Pro-Pointer

The Garrett Pro-Pointer is one of the most popular pin-pointers on the market. A must have for any serious metal detector hobbyist that wants to decrease their time pin-pointing targets deep in holes and finding more targets faster and reliably. Packed with useful features, such as scraping blade, LED light, and both audio and vibration identifications, this pin-pointer is great! Buy one today and increase your finds!