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Metal Detecting Halo Effect: Real or Myth?

There is a long standing debate between seasoned metal detector hobbyists over the topic of the Halo Effect and whether it is a real phenomenon or if it is just made up by metal detector manufacturers.  The Halo Effect supposedly causes an undesirable target (i.e. [...]

Metal Detecting on Public Property

When just starting out metal detecting I would suggest to first try out your new detector in your own backyard.  This will allow you to dig holes and learn the proper way of filling the holes back in.  Another reasons to first start out in [...]

Metal Detecting Finds (Last Summer)

Hello All.  My name is Jay and this is my metal detecting blog.  I love metal detecting and started in the hobby when I was younger. This blog will chronicle my metal detecting adventures, hopefully this will inspire others to pick up the hobby because [...]