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The Garrett Pro Pointer pinpointer is like no other pinpointer when it comes to accuracy and durability. Fully waterproof and a durable housing along with its small size makes it an ideal pinpointer to help locate those small finds such as coins. The Garrett Pro Pointer has both audio and vibration modes along with an LED light for night hunting. The Garrett Pro Pointer is a must have tool in your arsenal of treasure hunting tools.

Garrett Pro-Pointer

The Garrett Pro-Pointer is one of the most popular pin-pointers on the market. A must have for any serious metal detector hobbyist that wants to decrease their time pin-pointing targets deep in holes and finding more targets faster and reliably. Packed with useful features, such as scraping blade, LED light, and both audio and vibration identifications, this pin-pointer is great! Buy one today and increase your finds!