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Graphic Target Series

The Garrett line of graphic target metal detectors take out the guessing game when it comes to what you have actually found. This series of detectors provides the user not only depth information but actually size indication to help you discern treasure from trash. Jam packed with higher end features such enhanced visual target ID's, increased detection depth and powered by sophisticated digital signal processors. The Garrett graphic target series of metal detectors will increase your finds and decrease the amount of time you spend digging up trash.

Garrett GTAx 550 Metal Detector

The Garrett GTAX is is an all purpose graphic target analyzer metal detector. Easy to use with an accurate target id system makes this metal detector hard to pass up. Ideal for seasoned hobbyists that want more features then an entry metal detector but do not need all the high end features.


Garrett GTI 1500 Metal Detector

The Garrett GTI 1500 provides Graphic Target Imaging (GTI) technology that gives a much fuller portrait of your find. Not only will you be able to determine the metal of your find, but you’ll be able to see precisely how deep it is (even if it’s not a coin) and just how big or small it really is.


Garrett GTI 2500 Metal Detector

The Garrett GTI 2500 is the top of the line when it comes to graphical target imaging metal detectors. This detector is jammed full of features that will aid you in finding more quality finds faster and easier. A must have metal detector for competition hunts or surf hunting.


Garrett GTP 1350 Metal Detector

The Garrett GTP 1350 is an excellent metal detector that estimates target size as well as composition and depth. Packed with high end features but not the high end price. There are few detectors in this price range that offer the same depth and target information as the GTP 1350.