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Garrett Infinium LS Underwater Metal Detector

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  • 10" x 14" PROformanceā„¢ DD submersible searchcoil
  • Land headphones
  • Hip-mount and belt
  • Includes both AA alkaline and rechargeable batteries
  • Instructional Infinium LS DVD
Product Warranty:
  • 2 Year, Limited Parts/Labor
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The Garrett Infinium LS: There's Nowhere You Can't Take This Detector!

Garrett Infinium LS Land Relic HuntThe Garrett Infinium LS was designed to be a metal detector like the industry has never seen before. While the detector features a full and impressive suite of features, its calling card is its unique ability to detect on both Land and Sea (LS).  Like the Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II, the Garrett Infinium LS utilizes Advanced Pulse Induction technology for automatic cancellation of ground mineralization. Combined with Garrett's’ powerful and unique DD search coil technology, you’ll find the Infinium LS gives you functionality that no other detector can offer.

What makes the Garrett Infinium LS so great?

Garrett Infinium LS under water treasure huntFor starters, the Infinium LS was designed to be extremely effective in any environment. Not only was it designed with a rugged encasement for the toughest elements, but it also was built from the ground up to be powerful and effective in the worst of ground conditions- including mineralized soil. The 10" x 14" PROformance DD coil ensures you won't miss those deep old treasure making the Infinium LS one of the best detectors ever designed for such lucrative hobbies as gold nugget hunting. That’s to say nothing of the device’s usefulness relic hunting in crowded fields and black-sand beaches. And did we mention that the device is totally waterproof, making it useable for underwater diving hunts?

The machine also offers three levels of ground tracking for different soil condition (slow, lock and fast).  You can also adjust the frequency of your Infinium LS to reduce interference that’s caused by other detectors in the area or near-by power lines by simply tuning the discrimination knob. Audio threshold adjustment as well as user adjustable discrimination are just some of the many features the Infinium LS provides.

Take a look at these other features of the Garrett Infinium LS:

  • Unique Advanced Pulse Induction technology
  • Power DD search coil: deeper and more powerful searches
  • Accurate and powerful Discrimination Dial: zero in on what you’re hunting for
  • All metal mode: for more general and less focused searches and hunts
  • Automatic Ground Balancing and Tracking: automatically adjust for difficult ground conditions
  • Hip Mount Unit: reduce the weight of the machine by mounting the unit to your belt.
  • And a whole lot more!


  1. Can lock ground tracking with consistent soil
  2. Audio Threshold is customizable for different styles of hunting
  3. Provides discrimination for all levels of depth, not just for shallow targets
  4. Stable and rigid performance no matter where you bring it
  5. Provides exceptional depth and discrimination in mineralized soils
  6. Minimizes electrical interference with frequency adjustment


  1. Only one mode of operation (All Metal with adjustable PI discrimination)
  2. No coin alert or continuous coin depth indicator
  3. Not recommended for hobbyists new to metal detecting


Garrett Infinium LS Technical Specifications

  1. ination Modes
  2. Easy to access user-friendly imaging display
  3. Very accurate 24 target ID cursor segments


The Bad

  1. No manual ground balance
  2. Does not have a true All Metal Mode (however Zero mode is similar)
Multiple Frequency Technology   96 frequencies
Circuit Type   Advanced Pulse Induction
Discrimination   Full Range (PI)
Search Modes   Motion, All Metal Deepseeking
with Adjustable PI discrimination
Detection Frequency   730 pulses per second, adjustable
Submersion Depth   200 feet (65m); (underwater
headphones required)
Standard Searchcoil   10"x14" PROformance DD
Standard Land Headphones   Included; weight 16 oz. (.45 kgs.)
Length (Adjustable)   28" to 52" (.71m – 1.32m)
Total Weight   5.5 lbs. (2.5 kgs.) stem-mounted,
3.8 lbs. (1.72 kgs.) hip-mounted
Control Housing   31 oz. (.88 kgs.)
Detector Buoyancy   Near neutral
  8 AA (included); rechargeables included
Warranty   2 Year, Limited Parts/Labor






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