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Garrett GTP 1350 Metal Detector

Was $699.95 NOW $594.95

  • Standard 7" x 10" PROformanceā„¢ submersible searchcoil
  • Instructional GTP 1350 DVD
Product Warranty:
  • 2 Year, Limited Parts/Labor
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A top of the line detector that can determine the size of your buried treasure!

GTP Examples

Often times when you go out on a treasure hunt knowing the composition of the target just isn’t enough. After all, who hasn’t gone out on a hunt and seemingly identified a promising gold or silver signal, only to dig it up and find a big piece of junk? By being able to determine the size of a target before you dig it up, you will have a much easier time determining whether it’s worth the effort at all.

That’s where the Garrett GTP 1350 and its unique Graphic Target Processing comes into play. With the GTP you’ll be able to tell not only what your target is made of, but also whether or not it is a small, medium or large object. It doesn’t take long before you get a feel for these size settings and are able to quickly separate the junk from the treasure.

What more can I expect from the GTP 1350?

Target processing isn’t the only thing the GTP has to offer- this is a full featured and powerful device in its own right. The device offers powerful Graphic Target Analyzing for accurate target discrimination. The machine provides automatic ground tracking to match your hunt’s environmental conditions, and it features a suite of options for greater identification depth (such as their Powermaster feature and waterproof 7" x 10" PROformance Eliptical search coil). Add in the machine’s salt elimination and rugged design, and you’ll be able to go hunting in pretty much every location you could want.

Featuring Digital Signal Processing, there are few detectors in this price range that offer the same search strength and target information as the Garrett GTP 1350. You’ll be able to adjust the volume, threshold, tone, sensitivity and discrimination levels of your device, insuring that it will work exactly as you need it to for the kind of treasure hunting that you love.

GTP1350 on Table

Take a quick look at the Garrett GTP 1350’s many great features:

  • Unique Graphic Target Profiling (GTP): identifies targets as small, medium and large
  • Graphic Target Analysis: 24 segment display with accurate identification
  • Advanced Digital Signal Processor chip: increased discrimination accuracy
  • Ground Tracking: easy automatic ground balancing
  • ScanTrak: offers optimal hunting according to swinging speed
  • Powermaster: provides increased search depth
  • Salt Elimination: more accurate hunting in salt mineralized soils like at the beach
  • 6 Search Modes (Coins, Jewelry, Relics, Zero/All-metal, Custom, Pinpoint)
  • And a whole lot more!


  1. Accurately determine the size of targets before digging them up
  2. Rugged construction allows all terrain hunting
  3. Exceptional target ID with Dynamic Target Size
  4. Extremely precise notch discrimination


  1. Only has 3 iron discrimination settings (still not too shabby)
  2. Does not have as many bells and whistles as the GTI 1500 or GTI 2500


Garrett GTP 1350 Technical Specifications

  1. ination Modes
  2. Easy to access user-friendly imaging display
  3. Very accurate 24 target ID cursor segments


The Bad

  1. No manual ground balance
  2. Does not have a true All Metal Mode (however Zero mode is similar)
GTP 1350 Hunt

Target ID Cursor Segments   24
Iron Discrimination Segments   3
Accept/Reject Discrimination   Yes
Search Modes   5 (plus Profiling/Pinpoint)
Sensitivity/Depth Adjustments   18
Electronic Pinpointing   YES, with size/depth display
Frequency   7.2 kHz, user-adjustable
Audio Tone ID Levels   3
Standard Searchcoil   7" x 10" PROformance Imaging
Length (Adjustable)   40" to 51" (1.01m – 1.29m))
Total Weight   4.0 lbs. (1.9 kgs.)
Batteries   8 AA (included)
Battery Condition Indicator
Warranty   2 Year, Limited Parts/Labor






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