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Garrett GTI 2500 Metal Detector

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  • Instructional GTI 2500 DVD
  • 9.5" PROformanceā„¢ Imaging Submersible Searchcoil
  • 12.5" PROformanceā„¢ Imaging Searchcoil
  • Garrett Supreme GTI Travel Case
  • Garrett Deluxe Headphones
  • GTI 2500 Environmental Cover Up
  • Lost Treasure Field Guide
Product Warranty:
  • 2 Year, Limited Parts/Labor
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It’s important to see your targets as accurately as possible before digging them up, and the Garrett GTI 2500 lets you do just that!

One of the main problems with most detectors is the fact that they can only provide you with a small amount of information- approximate image depth and what type of metal the target consists of. With the Garrett GTI 2500 and its Graphic Target Imaging (GTI) you’ll be able to know much more about your target. This machine will provide you with an accurate approximation of how deep your target actually is, it will tell you what type of metal the object is, and it will accurately tell you the size of the object you’ve located.

GTI 2500 Target ID Overview

What other features does the GTI 2500 offer?

One of the detector’s best features is its powerful Treasure Imaging option. All you have to do is locate a target and press the Treasure Imaging pad to find the targets’ precise location, size, depth and likely identity.

When you’ve located an object, simply press and hold the detector’s Treasure Imaging pinpointing mode to receive three different levels of detection- signal strength on the machine’s upper scale, target depth on the lower scale, and target size & depth on the GTI’s Imaging Grid.

Using the machine’s Fast Track technology in All Metal Mode to immediately balance your GTI 2500 when you are searching for deeply buried caches, no matter soil conditions.

Garrett GTI 2500 Outdoors


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Garrett GTI2500 Pro PackageAt Jaytronic Technologies we try to pass on as good of a deal as Garrett will allow us.  Therefore, with a purchase of a Garrett GTI 2500 you will receive a 12.5" PROformance Imaging Searchcoil.  This 12.5" search coil will allow you to find the deep old targets that the smaller 9.5" coil can not detect.  You will also receive a pair of Garrett Deluxe headphones as well as a Garrett Supreme GTI travel case.  We will also throw in an environmental cover so you can detect in rain as well as a Lost Treasure Field Guide.  These bonus items would cost you $398.75 if bought seperately so buy now because these free gifts won't last long.


Here’s a handy list of the Garrett GTI 2500’s powerful features:

  • Salt Elimination: reduce and eliminate interference due to salt mineralization in difficult soil conditions
  • Scan Track: optimize hunting and detection based on swinging speed
  • Graphic Target Analyzer: see targets’ actual size, depth
  • Graphic Target Imaging: see target’s conductivity (identification)
  • DSP True Digital Signal Processing: provides improved discrimination accuracy
  • Fast Track Ground Balancing: quick automatic ground balancing in difficult soil conditions
  • Last Mode Switching: quickly switch between all metal and custom search settings
  • Plus tons more!


  1. Accurately see targets utilizing Graphic Target Imaging and Graphic Target Analyzer
  2. All Metal, Non-Motion mode for accurate pinpointing
  3. Surface elimination and Salt elimination allow accurate pinpointing anywhere
  4. Highly customizable- personally adjust volume, threshold, tone, sensitivity and discrimination
  5. Automatic and Fast Tracking Ground Balance for accurate All Metal hunting


  1. No advanced iron discrimination


Garrett GTI 2500 Technical Specifications

Garrett GTI 2500 Hunt

  1. ination Modes
  2. Easy to access user-friendly imaging display
  3. Very accurate 24 target ID cursor segments


The Bad

  1. No manual ground balance
  2. Does not have a true All Metal Mode (however Zero mode is similar)
Target ID Cursor Segments   24
Iron Discrimination Segments   3
Accept/Reject Discrimination   Yes
Search Modes   5 (plus Imaging/Pinpoint)
Sensitivity/Depth Adjustments   24
Electronic Pinpointing   YES, with size/depth display
Frequency   7.2 kHz, user-adjustable
Audio Tone ID Levels   3
Standard Searchcoil   9.5" PROformance Imaging
Length (Adjustable)   40" to 51" (1.01m – 1.29m)
Total Weight   4.6 lbs. (2.1 kgs.)
Batteries   8 AA (included)
Battery Condition Indicator
Warranty   2 Year, Limited Parts/Labor







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