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Garrett GTAx 550 Metal Detector

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  • Standard 7" x 10" PROformanceā„¢ submersible searchcoil
  • Instructional GTAx 550 DVD
Product Warranty:
  • 2 Year, Limited Parts/Labor
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Want a simple, yet still high-performing detector? Check out the Garrett GTax 550!

Garrett GTAx 550 on HuntThe Garret GTAx 550 makes a great option when you are looking for a detector that is intuitive and easy to use, without sacrificing detecting power.  At the heart of the GTAx 550 is Garrett’s renowned Graphic Target Analyzer. Utilizing top of the line microprocessor technology, the GTAx 550 is able to accurately and easily analyze the target’s most likely identity, giving you a graphic display of all the information you need to make your hunt as easy as possible. 

What features can I expect from the GTAx 550?

This detector comes with plenty of features that make it a great choice for both veterans and beginners. One of its most powerful and helpful features is the devices’ COINS mode, which makes successful coin shooting almost automatic. The device’s powerful discrimination options make it effective at finding and identifying deeply buried targets. The machine is easy to adjust and customize with simple touchpad controlled sensitivity, threshold and discrimination patterns.

Furthermore, the GTAx 550 also gives you precise electronic pinpointing, and gives accurate depth readings for your targets. You can even boot up the device’s “Last Search” mode when repeatedly hunting in the same, or similar, environments. The machine offers two separate modes, a Motion A mode (which operates with zero discrimination) and a Motion B mode (which gives coin discrimination and a visual target ID) which just adds to the flexibility of this machine.

GTAx 550 on grass

Just take a look at all the features you can expect from the Garrett GTAx 550:

  • Fully functional LCD screen and touchpad controls: intuitively adjust and monitor search settings
  • Garrett’s signature Graphic Target Analyzer: easily and thoroughly identify your targets (24 segments)
  • 7" x 10" Elliptical PROformance™ Searchcoil: durable and submersible
  • Depth sensitivity adjustment: only search in the depths you expect to find your desired treasures
  • Visual target ID: easily see where your target is in the ground
  • Multi-Notch Discrimination: customize your discrimination settings to eliminate junk
  • No Discrimination and Coin Discrimination modes: only search for the treasures you want
  • And a whole lot more!


  1. Deep and broad detection area
  2. High powered detector that won’t intimidate beginners
  3. Great for Coin Shooting
  4. Accurate target identification and visualization
  5. Easy One-Touch operation


  1. No salt elimination mode or advanced iron discrimination
  2. Much less customization than higher end models like the GTI 1500 or GTI 2500


Garrett GTAx 550 Technical Specifications

Garrett GTI 2500 Hunt

  1. ination Modes
  2. Easy to access user-friendly imaging display
  3. Very accurate 24 target ID cursor segments


The Bad

  1. No manual ground balance
  2. Does not have a true All Metal Mode (however Zero mode is similar)
Target ID Cursor Segments   24
Iron Discrimination Segments   3
Accept/Reject Discrimination   Yes
Search Modes   3 (Mode A, Mode B, Custom)
Sensitivity/Depth Adjustments   24
Electronic Pinpointing   YES, with depth display
Frequency   7.0 kHz
Audio Tone ID Levels   3
Standard Searchcoil   7" x 10" PROformance Elliptical
Length (Adjustable)   40" to 51" (1.01m – 1.29m)
Total Weight   3.25 lbs. (1.47 kgs.)
Batteries   8 AA (included)
Battery Condition Indicator
Warranty   2 Year, Limited Parts/Labor

Garrett GTAx 550 Metal Detector, 6.8 out of 10 based on 1 rating


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