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Ace Series

Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector

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  • 6.5" x 9" PROformanceā„¢ submersible searchcoil
  • Instructional ACE 250 DVD
Product Warranty:
  • 2 Year, Limited Parts/Labor
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The Garrett ACE 250 is the most popular and field-proven metal detector that you’ve been looking for!

Garrett ACE 250 Relic HuntWhen you need a metal detector that is both easy & simple to use while still offering a high level of performance then the Garrett ACE 250 is just what you’ve been looking for. The ACE 250 is an incredibly powerful device that offers a full suite of essential features- without bogging you down with a ton of complex settings and minute but necessary adjusting. The Garrett ACE 250 features great depth of detection, it has multiple accurate target ID functions and it easily discriminates between different objects.

Why is the ACE 250 the best selling metal detector of all time?

Gold found with ACE 250The ACE 250 excels by focusing on the essential features every treasure hunter requires. It features a 12-segment graphic target ID assessment, an accurate coin-depth indicator, 8 different settings for sensitivity and depth adjustments, and a multi-tone id that clearly alerts you to what you’ve found.

The ACE 250 features an improved ability to discriminate and eliminate targets than the 150. The ACE 250 ships with 5 operating modes including (All-Metal, Jewelry, Custom, Relics, and Coins).  A simple toggle of the MODE push button and you will be hunting in a programmed mode specific for the type of targets you are looking for.  The Custom mode allows full digital discrimination/notch hunting by utilizing the DISCRIM and ELIM push buttons.  No more messing with dials and guessing what metals you are rejecting. The 250 also features a no-motion pinpointing mode to accurately locate buried targets. All you have to do is hold down the PINPOINT pushbutton to get a clear and accurate reading of the exact location of the target you are hunting down.

Naturally the device features a clear LCD screen and simple touchpad control for intuitive hunting, all powered by Garrett’s high-end internal microprocessors and simple manual control system. In addition, the whole thing was designed with Garrett’s Touch-N-Go technology to make the device accessible to anyone who picks it up.

14k gold and diamond cocktail ring valued at $12,000.00 found with Garrett ACE 250

Keep reading to check out the ACE 250’s great features list:

  • Accurate Digital Target Identification: know what you’ve found before you dig it up
  • Electronic Pinpointing: for accurate target location analysis
  • Coin Depth Gauge: quickly and easily learn the depth of any coins you find
  • 8 different settings for Sensitivity and Depth adjustments: makes it easy to narrow down your searches
  • Interchangeable search coils: only use coils designed to find what you are looking for
  • Touch-N-Go operation technology: simple and easy for anyone to pick up and start hunting
  • And much, much more!


  1. Large 6.5’’ x 9’’ PROformance fully submersible search coil provides wide search coverage so you cover more ground with every swing of the coil
  2. 5 search modes (all metal, jewelry, custom, relics and coins)
  3. Both full range and multi-notch discrimination (Push Button not Dial!)
  4. Pinpointing (no-motion): aids in finding exact location of target to save digging time!
  5. Lightweight (2.7 lbs)


  1. No manual ground balancing
  2. Only has 3 tone audio discrimination system


Garrett ACE 250 Technical Specifications

ACE 150 Competition Hunt

Target ID Cursor Segments   12
Iron Discrimination Segments   2
Accept/Reject Discrimination   YES
Search Modes   5 (plus Pinpoint)
Sensitivity/Depth Adjustments   8
Electronic Pinpointing   YES
Frequency   6.5 kHz
Audio Tone ID Levels   3
Standard Searchcoil   6.5" x 9" PROformance
Length (Adjustable)   42" to 51" (1.06m – 1.29m)
Total Weight   2.7 lbs. (1.2 kgs.)
Batteries   4 AA (included)
Warranty   2 Year, Limited Parts/Labor














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