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Are you looking to take your metal detecting hunts to the next level? Are you interested in treasure hunt competitions and want the advantage? These Bounty Hunter detectors are for serious hobbyists only with features such as advanced iron discrimination and auto/manual ground balance. Not to mention other features such as advanced target identification, coin depth indication, custom notch discrimination and 3 tone audio identification.

Bounty Hunter Land Star Metal Detector

If you are a serious metal detector hobbyist, then look no further then the Bounty Hunter Land Star. This detector offers all the advanced features you crave to increase your finds and save time. Engineered to provide all the standard features and advanced features such as no-motion pinpointing and manual ground balance. Four modes of operation, an accurate 9-segment target identification LCD, as well as a very accurate coin depth indicator, makes the Land Star quite the machine. Great for hunting highly mineralized soils as well as parks and fields.