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Pioneer Series

The Bounty Hunter Pioneer Series is a far cry from the entry level series your children are using. The features and functionality that the new Bounty Hunter Pioneer Series detectors provide, rival that of competitor models that cost 2 to 3 times as much. If you are a serious metal detecting hobbyist, looking for a new detector, maybe it is time for you to give Bounty Hunter another look with the Pioneer Series.

Bounty Hunter Pioneer 202 Metal Detector

The Bounty Hunter Pioneer 202 is a very versatile detector with standard and advanced features that will allow you to find everything from coins to jewelery. The 9 segment target ID is very accurate for identifying buried targets as well as the target depth indicator. Since the 202 is automatically ground balanced you won't have to worry about false signals from highly mineralized soil. Find out why this detector is very popular among hobbyists!


Bounty Hunter Pioneer 505 Metal Detector

Bounty Hunter has designed and produced a powerful metal detector providing professional quality features with the Pioneer 505. The 505 is the top of the line detector in the Bounty Hunter Pioneer series of detectors. Featuring auto and manual ground balance, as well as no-motion pinpointing, 9 segment target id, and coin depth indication, just to name a few. The 505 is great for just about all types of hunting due to its versatility and sensitivity. Find out why the Pioneer 505 is one the best selling metal detectors in the market!


Bounty Hunter Pioneer EX Metal Detector

The Bounty Hunter Pioneer EX is the entry level detector in the Pioneer series. Featuring push-button discrimination and customize depth control functions, just to name a few features, the Bounty Hunter Pioneer EX provides a lot of high-quality detection for a reasonable price. All of the most common types of metal detecting are well covered by this detector: from coin shooting to gold prospecting to relic hunting. Great for beginners because this detector is so easy to use!