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Looking for a step up from entry level detectors but still don't need all the high end features found in the advanced or serious bounty hunter detectors? Then the Bounty Hunter Intermediate class of metal detectors are right for you.

Bounty Hunter Discovery 2200 Metal Detector

The Bounty Hunter Discovery 2200 Metal Detector has all of the convenient features you’re looking for in a metal detector. The easy-to-use, one-touch operation make it great for beginner treasure hunters. The one-touch Zap feature immediately eliminates unwanted targets that you keep finding, and its 9 segment target ID is second to none. Add the 4 tone Audio ID system and you will always know what's below your coil before you dig! Great for coin shooting, relic, jewelry, and cache hunting.


Bounty Hunter Fast Tracker Metal Detector

The Bounty Hunter Fast Tracker metal detector is a great affordable starter machine. With features like adjustable sensitivity, progressive discrimination, and a dual tone audio identification system, you will be out finding quality targets the day you get the machine. Simple and easy to use the Fast Tracker is perfect for coin shooting and jewerly/relic hunts. Throw in the 5 year Bounty Hunter warranty and you have a great machine!


Bounty Hunter Tracker II Metal Detector

The Bounty Hunter Tracker II is a classic metal detector that has been used by detector hobbyists for many years and have found a lot of interesting things. Affordable yet still packed with features such as a dual tone audio identification system, sensitivity meter, and 3 modes of operation. The Tracker II also comes with an auto and manual ground balance feature that allows you to detect in almost any soil condition.


Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Metal Detector

The Bounty Hunter Tracker IV is an entry level metal detector at a modest price, but don't let the price fool you. Like all Bounty Hunter metal detectors the Tracker IV is rugged and reliable and will allow you to experience the great hobby of metal detecting. With features such as 3 modes of operation, a target intensity meter, and adjustable sensitivity just to name a few, the Quick Silver has just the right amount of features to get started metal detecting without confusing you. Perfect for you or your kids!