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Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter VLF Metal Detector

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Check Out the Highly Versatile Bounty Hunter VLF When You are Looking for a Detector on a Budget!

Bounty Hunter VLF Treasure HuntNot everyone who is interested in trying out treasure hunting is going to want to spend a fortune on a top of the line metal detector. For example, the Bounty Hunter VLF offers a truly versatile machine for a highly reasonable price. Without spending much money you’ll be prepared to go out and find whatever precious metals or relics you desire, just minutes after receiving your VLF metal detector. 

The Bounty Hunter VLF is a really lightweight detector that is comfortable to use and simple to figure out. It can be used easily by both the young and the old, and anyone in between. If you are just starting out, or just have a notion that treasure hunting might be a hobby that you might want to get in to, than you really can’t go wrong with the small investment required to get yourself a Bounty Hunter VLF. Chances are you’ll get hooked on your new hobby! 

How Much Value Will I Get for the Cost of this Detector?

Bounty Hunter VLF Kids Metal Detector HuntEven though you won't have to invest much money in your VLF, that doesn’t mean you’ll be getting a cheap machine! On the contrary, the VLF is able to do a lot of what many fancier and more expensive models are able to do. The VLF can easily detect a wide variety of metals and objects- from iron relics to precious coins.

This detector works just fine in wet grass, in parks, in beaches, or even just in your own backyard. The detector features a two-tone feedback to easily distinguish between different types of metal, and the machine is able to find treasures up to 2 feet beneath the surface. Your machine will automatically ground balance for you, making your hunts a snap. You can even easily adjust the level of power and sensitivity the VLF searches with, just like the more expensive detectors out there.

Bounty Hunter VLF Hunt

Not convinced? Check out these great features:

  • Easily ignore undesirable metals with its trash eliminator feature
  • All-metal and discrimination modes
  • Sensitivity and power control
  • Automatic ground balancing
  • Lightweight: 2.6 pounds
  • User friendly interface and instructions
  • And much, much more!


  1. Great value metal detector
  2. Simple detector is appropriate for all ages
  3. Excellent choice for beginners and those possibly interested in metal detecting
  4. Dual-tone identification makes it easy to discriminate between junk and treasures


  1. Less precise pinpointing than more expensive models
  2. No low battery indication
  3. Not appropriate for veterans or serious treasure hunters


Bounty Hunter VLF Technical Specifications

Target Strength Indicator   Yes
Length (Adjustable)   36" to 46.5"
Progressive Discrimination   Yes (Dial)
Search Modes   2 (Motion All Metal, Discrimination)
Sensitivity Adjustment   Yes (Dial)
Electronic Pinpointing   NO
Frequency   Not Available
Standard Searchcoil   7" (Round)
Total Weight   2.6 lbs.
Batteries   Two 9-Volt batteries (not included)
Warranty   1 Year, Limited Parts/Labor


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