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Bounty Hunter Tracker II Metal Detector

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If you’re Interested in Metal Detecting, Consider the Truly Classic Bounty Hunter Tracker II!

Bounty Hunter Tracker II on HuntWhen looking over the Bounty Hunter product line, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more classic machine than the Tracker II. Of course, don’t let this machine’s classic status let you think that it can’t compete with more modern and cutting edge detectors. After all, the Tracker II has been redesigned with a new graphics packages and electronic components, ensuring that this detector can still compete with any other detector you pit it against. 

The Tracker II is one of the best detectors out there to use when you are out hunting on challenging and difficult types of soil. This is due to the detector’s great automatic ground balancing, combined with your ability to manually adjust and fine-tune the machine’s settings. No matter what sort of hunt you are going on, no matter what you’re looking for and no matter where you are exploring, the Tracker II has got you covered.

What Can I Expect from the Tracker II?

For starters, the Bounty Hunter Tracker II is an incredibly intuitive metal detector, especially with its redesigned graphic display. The Tracker II is also an incredibly versatile device, providing you with plenty of great ground balancing presets for common soil conditions, in addition to fine tuning controls that let you make whatever adjustments you require when working in difficult terrain. The detector is also able to easily switch between all-metal modes and a progressive discrimination function that helps to filter out junk like iron. You can really take the Tracker II anywhere and with the 7.75" submersible search coil you will be hitting pay dirt in no time!

Bounty Hunter Tracker II Review

Not convinced yet? Look over these features and learn more about this great, time-tested detector: 

  • Combination automatic and manual ground balancing to enable accurate hunting under any conditions
  • Simple interface and clearly designed graphics make it useable by pretty much anyone right out of the box
  • 2-tone audio feedback system helps discriminate between valuable treasures and junk in Tone Mode
  • Standard ¼’’ compatible headphone jack
  • Easily switch between all-metal (single tone), tone (dual tone) and progressive discrimination modes
  • Sensitivity Meter: used to determine depth/size of object
  • Plus much more!


  1. Classic metal detector that has been successfully used by many people over many years
  2. Significantly redesigned to ensure maximum utility and usability
  3. Great starting detector with versatility for mid-level treasure hunters as well
  4. Lightweight and easy to assemble
  5. Relatively accurate pinpointing and great sensitivity


  1. Limited feature set compared to top-of-the-line detectors
  2. Reports from users that the Tracker II is not as effective close to salt water


Bounty Hunter Tracker II Technical Specifications

Target Strength Indicator   Yes
Length (Adjustable)   45" to 53"
Progressive Discrimination   Yes (Dial)
Search Modes   3 (Motion All Metal, Tone, Discrimination)
Sensitivity Adjustment   Yes (Dial)
Electronic Pinpointing   No
Frequency   6.7kHz
Standard Searchcoil   7.75" (Round)
Total Weight   2.6 lbs.
Batteries   Two 9-Volt batteries (not included)
Warranty   5 Year, Limited Parts/Labor


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