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Bounty Hunter Pioneer 202 Metal Detector

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If You Need a Powerful Advanced Treasure Hunting Metal Detector Without Spending a Fortune, You Need the Pioneer 202!

Bounty Hunter Pioneer Ex The Pioneer 202 is a versatile and well-featured metal detector that isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg. You will get many of the features that you expect to come with a Bounty Hunter model metal detector (such as automatic Ground Trac ground balancing) while some of the features that only their select models carry (like 9 segment target identification).

The Pioneer 202 is lightweight and with all Bounty Hunter's detectors its ergonomic design provides ease-of-use and comfort for hours of productive detecting.  The Pioneer 202 is handy for all types of metal detecting.  Coin shooting, relic, jewelry, and cache hunting are just some of the types of hunts you can go on and expect the Pioneer 202 to excel. 

What Else Can I Expect From the Pioneer 202?

Naturally the detector comes with a full feature LCD target display and touchpad controls. With this intuitive navigation and monitoring system you’ll be able to focus on hunting, and not on figuring out how to control your machine. The display quickly pulls up the probable identification of your target, as well as an accurate and precise depth estimation in inches.Pioneer 202 Metal Detector Finds

The Pioneer 202’s 9 segment target discrimination will make it easy to figure out exactly what you’ve located. Unlike the Pioneer EX, which classifies objects into 4 segments, with the Pioneer 202 you’ll be able to easily decide whether you are about to dig up a piece of iron, a 5 cent piece, a pull tab, zinc, each individual common coin and more! Not only can you easily identify what you’ve found, but you can also easily adjust whether or not the device even picks up each classification through notching, allowing you to fully customize your search to eliminate false positives and to keep from continuously pulling up junk that you aren’t looking for. This is especially helpful when you are only looking for one single type of treasure.

The Pioneer 202 is also highly customizable, including the ability to switch out its standard submersible  8’’ search coil for more precise coils- such as Bounty Hunter’s 4’’ gold nugget coil. 

Pioneer 202 Metal Detector Sale

Look at Some of the Pioneer 202’s Features: 

  • Intuitive Touch Pad control
  • Accurate progressive iron discrimination
  • Automatic Ground-Trac ground balancing
  • 4 modes of operations (All Metal, Discrimination, Notch, & Auto-Notch)
  • Comfortable S-Handle construction
  • Low Battery Indication
  • Interchangeable coil system
  • Plus much more…


  1. Like most Bounty Hunter coils, the 8’’ coil is completely waterproof for all terrain hunting
  2. 9 segment target identification for accurate readings
  3. Powerful, reliable target identification and depth estimation


  1. No no-motion mode for pinpointing
  2. No manual ground balance, but with automatic ground balancing this shouldn't be an issue


Bounty Hunter Pioneer 202 Technical Specifications

Length (Adjustable)   44" to 51.5"
Discrimination   Yes (Dial)
Search Modes   4 (Motion All Metal, Discrimination, Notch, & Auto Notch)
Sensitivity Adjustment   Yes (Dial)
Electronic Pinpointing   No
Display Type   LCD
Volume   Fixed
Number of Audio Tones   3
Ground Balancing (Manual)   No
Ground Balancing (Automatic)   Yes
Ground Balancing (Fixed)   No
Low Battery Warning   Yes
Target Identification   Yes
Number of Target ID Segments   9
Depth Indication   Yes
Frequency   6.6 kHz
Standard Searchcoil   8" (Round)
Total Weight   2.6 lbs.
Batteries   Two 9-Volt batteries (not included)
Headphone Jack   1/4"
Warranty   5 Year, Limited Parts/Labor


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