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Bounty Hunter Pinpointer

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  • Bounty Hunter Pinpointer User Manual
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The Bounty Hunter Pinpointer- for Accurate and Precise Hunting!

At just 8 ounces and about a foot long, the Bounty Hunter Pinpointer is one of the most versatile and portable pinpointers on the market. A turn of a knob and it's on, making it possible to pinpoint your found target faster and more reliable! The device’s small size and thin profile also make it ideal for treasure hunting in locations and environments where you normally wouldn’t be able to drag a detector. You can probe in any nook or cranny that you can find with this pinpointer.

How do I tune the Bounty Hunter Pinpointer?

We have gotten a lot of feedback that users of the Bounty Hunter Pinpointer think the device is broken because the pinpointer is not working at all or must be physically touching the metal target before an audio/vibration indication is heard/felt.  The Pinpointer is not broken but needs to be tuned.  Follow these steps to properly tune the Bounty Hunter Pinpointer:


Bounty Hunter Pinpointer Tuning Instructions Guide

Find out what features to expect from the Bounty Hunter Pinpointer:

  • Detection Probe: for both detecting metal treasures and for digging through soft ground.
  • Manual Sensitivity Adjustment: set how sensitive you desire the device to be
  • Battery Operated: simple to check battery life when turning on device
  • Audio and Vibration Indicator: allows you to keep your headphones on while digging.
  • Simple Operation


  1. Great for hand detecting and probing
  2. Perfect for pinpointing targets deep in a hole
  3. Comes with 5 year limited manufacturer’s warranty


  1. No scraping blade
  2. Does not have built in flashlight


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