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Bounty Hunter Lone Star Metal Detector

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  • 5 Year, Limited Parts/Labor
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Enjoy the Ease of Use and Exceptional Variety of the Bounty Hunter Lone Star Metal Detector!

When you are thinking about purchasing a metal detector, there are probably a variety of things you are looking for. You’re probably looking for a detector that is a good price for what you get, a detector that will perform. You’re probably looking for a detector that is great for all the more common and basic treasure hunting applications- things like relic hunting and coin shooting. Bounty Hunter Lone Star HuntYou’re probably looking for a detector that features target identification with a helpful LCD screen with easy-to-understand readouts and pre-programmed search modes. If these are some of the things you want from a metal detector, than you don’t need to look any further than the Bounty Hunter Lone Star.

And if you are looking to start out in treasure hunting, you’re probably looking for a device that will last. Bounty Hunter is so confident about the quality and longevity of the Lone Star model that it comes bundled with their great 5 year manufacturer’s warranty. And chances are, it’ll take that long before you feel like you want to upgrade to a higher end model- if you ever feel that way, of course.

But Just How Powerful is the Lone Star Metal Detector?

For starters, the Lone Star utilizes a powerful 8 inch search coil that is completely waterproof, which means you can perform a hunt anywhere you want. It is rated at finding coins and other small objects as deep as 8 inches into the ground, while it is known to find larger objects at least 3 feet down. You have 3 different operation modes at your finger tips with the Lone Star, giving you the ability to really tune the detector to reject trash and focus on the treasure. You can search in all metal mode and not reject any type of metal or you can search in discrimination mode with progressive discrimination with a turn of the DISC/NOTCH dial (starting with ferrous and moving to non-ferrous targets).  Searching in the programmed auto notch mode provides a rejection "window" that eliminates most pull-tabs and iron at the low setting and varies from low conductivity items to high conductivity items as the DISC/NOTCH dial is turned. 

Check Out the Lone Star's Powerful and Varied Feature List:  

  • 3 separate operating modes: All-Metal, Auto-Notch and Discrimination mode
  • Digital Target Readout (LCD) with 6 target categories.
  • 3 tone audio discrimination system (provides audio indication of signal when not in view of LCD)
  • Excellent and intuitive touch-pad controls
  • Precise sensitivity control
  • 8’’ search coil (waterproof and interchangeable)
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • And many more!


  1. Great machine for its price, great value overall
  2. Excellent for coin shooting, especially with Auto Notch mode
  3. Fun and easy to use
  4. Can find coins up to 7’’ deep


  1. Does not have target depth identification
  2. Does not have no-motion pinpointing


Bounty Hunter Lone Star Technical Specifications

Length (Adjustable)   44" to 51.5"
Discrimination   Yes (Progressive)
Search Modes  

3 (Motion All Metal, Discrimination, Auto Notch)

Sensitivity Adjustment   Yes (Dial)
Electronic Pinpointing   No
Display Type   LCD
Volume   Fixed
Number of Audio Tones   3
Ground Balancing (Manual)   No
Ground Balancing (Automatic)   Yes
Ground Balancing (Fixed)   No
Low Battery Warning   Yes
Target Identification   Yes
Number of Target ID Segments   6
Depth Indication   No
Frequency   6.6 kHz
Standard Searchcoil   8" (Round)
Total Weight   3.5 lbs.
Batteries   Two 9-Volt batteries (not included)
Headphone Jack   1/4"
Warranty   5 Year, Limited Parts/Labor


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