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Bounty Hunter Fast Tracker Metal Detector

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  • 5 Year, Limited Parts/Labor
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Fast Track Your Entry into Metal Detecting!

Bounty Hunter Fast Tracker Metal DetectorWhen Bounty Hunter decided to call this model the Fast Tracker they weren’t kidding- it’s one of the best beginner detectors out there. This detector is designed for one thing and one thing only – getting you out there finding metal as quickly and as easily as possible. Looking for a detector that lets you take it out of the box, throw in a couple batteries, switch it on and head out the door? Look no further. 

The Fast Tracker was designed to be simple enough for a child to use, but to still have enough power for an adult amateur metal detector treasure hunter. While you’ll only have to worry about working two dials (discrimination and sensitivity) you’ll still find all the control you could want. For example, a quick turn of the sensitivity dial to 10 o’clock and a discrimination setting of 11 o’clock will make sure you find all the valuable treasures you want, while ignoring junk metals.

What Makes the Fast Tracker Such a Great Detector?

Bounty Hunter Fast Tracker HuntThe Fast Tracker offers a completely affordable and surprisingly powerful entry into metal detecting. You’ll get a lot of features for the relatively small amount you’ll pay for this device, including dual-tone discrimination, automatic ground balance, external speakers, a headphone jack, and a 7.25 inch search coil. The Fast Tracker easily represents one of the best metal detecting deals for your money, and will get you out there finding coins in no time.

Unlike many other detectors, the Fast Tracker doesn’t feature an LCD screen, so you are completely dependent on its audio output for identifying metals. However, with practice you will be able to become very good at discerning good targets from junk metal just by the sound of the audio.  The Fast Tracker is great for coin shooting, jewelry hunts and works well on beaches.

Some of the Bounty Hunter Fast Tracker’s top features include: 

  • 7.25’’ waterproof coil
  • Sensitivity and Discrimination controls
  • Detects average-sized coins up to 7’’ deep
  • Dual-tone audio discrimination system
  • Built in Speaker and 1/4"  Headphone Jack
  • Automatic ground balance
  • Plus more!


  1. Simple and easy to use
  2. Affordable and great for beginners
  3. Light weight
  4. Dual tone audio discrimination makes it easy to discriminate between junk and treasures
  5. 5 year manufacturer warranty


  1. No target identification system or signal strength meter.
  2. No LCD screen


Bounty Hunter Fast Tracker Technical Specifications

Target Strength Indicator   No
Length (Adjustable)   44" to 51.5"
Progressive Discrimination   Yes (Dial)
Search Modes   2 (Motion All Metal, Dual Tone Discrimination)
Sensitivity Adjustment   Yes (Dial)
Electronic Pinpointing   No
Frequency   6.6 kHz
Standard Searchcoil   7.25" (Round)
Total Weight   3 lbs.
Batteries   Two 9-Volt batteries (not included)
Warranty   5 Year, Limited Parts/Labor


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