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Bounty Hunter Discovery 2200 Metal Detector

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  • 5 Year, Limited Parts/Labor
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Take Your Metal Detecting to the Next Level with the Bounty Hunter Discovery 2200!

Bounty Hunter Discovery 1100If you are in the market for a full-featured metal detector that provides all the bells and whistles that are missing from beginner detectors, than the Discovery 2200 might be right for you. If you’re looking for a detector with more precise identifications, or a detector that makes it easy to eliminate entire types of undesirable metal from its detection range, than look no further.

Despite the fact that it provides many more features and much more control than a beginner model, the Discovery 2200 is still easy to understand and operate. This detector’s powerful functions are all easy to control with its convenient all digital touchpad. While the Discovery 2200 is certainly a step up from beginner models like the Fast Tracker, it is by no means only accessible for metal detecting veterans.

When Should You Get a Discovery 2200?

If you’ve been metal detecting for some time now and are looking to upgrade to a more powerful detector, than the Bounty Hunter Discovery 2200 makes a great choice.  Even if you are new to metal detecting and want more advanced features and are willing to put in the time to learn the machine then the Discovery 2200 is right for you.   After all, the Discovery 2200 takes many of the features of lower-end devices and improves directly on them- giving you more power and more control over what you are looking for when you’re out detecting.

For example, where many lower-end detectors may only use a dual-tone system of identification, the Discovery 2200 features a 4 tone Audio ID system (letting you easily discriminate between iron and other junk, pull tabs and small gold, pennies and larger gold objects, and large coins). The Discovery 2200 also offers a full digital touchpad and more precise controls than most beginner models. The digital 9 segment Target ID system is very accurate at determining the probable target in the Discovery 2200.  Add the visual Target ID system to the 4 tone Audio ID system and you will always know what's below your coil before you dig!   

Bounty Hunter Discovery 2200 Sale

More Discovery 2200 Top of the Line Features:  

  • All-digital touchpad controls
  • Digital LCD coin depth indicator
  • Advanced and effective discrimination and notch controls
  • Simple ZAP feature lets you quickly ignore undesirable targets
  • Optional interchangeable 8-inch open-search coil (waterproof)
  • Three modes of operation (All Metal, Discrimination & Notch/Zap)
  • Battery Meter
  • Plus much more!


  1. Easy to assemble and adjust for comfort
  2. Notch Discrimination and Zap feature very useful in trashy areas
  3. Affordable for all the features the Bounty Hunter Discovery 2200 offers
  4. Features 4 different audio-tones when detecting metal, providing a more precise range of detection than dual tone detectors


  1. No pinpointing/no-motion mode of operation
  2. No manual ground balance adjustment


Bounty Hunter Discovery 2200 Technical Specifications

Length (Adjustable)   44" to 51.5"
Discrimination   Yes (Digital Push Button)
Search Modes   3 (Motion All Metal, Discrimination, Notch/Zap)
Sensitivity Adjustment   Yes (Digital Push Button)
Electronic Pinpointing   No
Display Type   LCD
Volume   Fixed
Number of Audio Tones   4
Ground Balancing (Manual)   No
Ground Balancing (Automatic)   No
Ground Balancing (Fixed)   Yes
Low Battery Warning   Yes
Target Identification   Yes
Number of Target ID Segments   9
Depth Indication   Yes
Frequency   6.7 kHz
Standard Searchcoil   8" (Round)
Total Weight   2.6 lbs.
Batteries   Two 9-Volt batteries (not included)
Headphone Jack   1/4"
Warranty   5 Year, Limited Parts/Labor

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