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Bounty Hunter Discovery 1100 Metal Detector

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The Bounty Hunter Discovery 1100: The Perfect Beginners Detector!

Bounty Hunter Discovery 1100When you are just starting out metal detecting, it just doesn’t make any sense to go all out with a top-of-the-line device. Thankfully, Bounty Hunter has designed the perfect entry level detector.  The Bounty Hunter Discovery 1100 is one of the easiest to use metal detectors out there for amateur hobbyists. If you are hunting for gold, relics and coins, on the beach or even just in your backyard, this metal detector will be a great asset. The Discovery 1100 is the entry level detector in the Discovery Series brand of Bounty Hunter Detectors.

So Why is the Discovery 1100 So Popular?

The Bounty Hunter Discovery 1100 is so easy to use and setup.  Utilizing a powerful microprocessor, the Discovery 1100 is an all digital machine.  No more tweaking dials to fine tune your machine.  A simple push of a button will correctly set the sensitivity or discrimination precisely.

 One of the coolest features of the Bounty Hunter Discovery 1100 is its awesome identification system. This feature means your detector can not only tell you when there is a target beneath you, but it also is able to give you a good idea about what you’ve found depending on what tone the detector emits and the indication on the LCD screen.  Another useful feature of the Discovery 1100 is the discrimination mode, which allows the user to discriminate against unwanted targets such as rusted iron.  This feature allows you to ignore junk metal and only dig high quality targets.

Discovery 1100

Here Are Just Some of the Discovery 1100's Features:  

  • Easy sensitivity-control and push-button discrimination
  • Multiple audio tone feedback system
  • Simple digital target identification system
  • Coin depth indication
  • Four different discrimination settings
  • Low battery indication
  • And many more!


  1. Finds coins and other metal objects over 7 inches deep
  2. Accurate and well sized target display
  3. Great for kids or adults new to metal detecting
  4. Five year manufacturer warranty
  5. Helpful and precise touchpads


  1. Best for kids and first timers, but does not have all the features a veteran hunter desires (see Discovery 2200 or Discovery 3300).
  2. Not as accurate as more expensive/ higher end models
  3. Does not have a pinpoint mode that allows accurate location of the target in the ground before digging


Bounty Hunter Discovery 1100 Technical Specifications

Length (Adjustable)   44" to 51.5"
Discrimination   Yes (Digital Push Button)
Search Modes   2 (Motion All Metal, Discrimination)
Sensitivity Adjustment   Yes (Digital Push Button)
Electronic Pinpointing   No
Display Type   LCD
Volume   Fixed
Number of Audio Tones   3
Ground Balancing (Manual)   No
Ground Balancing (Automatic)   No
Ground Balancing (Fixed)   Yes
Low Battery Warning   Yes
Target Identification   Yes
Number of Target ID Segments   3
Depth Indication   No
Frequency   6.7 kHz
Standard Searchcoil   7" (Round)
Total Weight   2.5 lbs.
Batteries   Two 9-Volt batteries (not included)
Headphone Jack   1/4"
Warranty   5 Year, Limited Parts/Labor

Discovery Series Comparison

Discovery Metal Detector Comparison

Bounty Hunter Discovery 1100 Metal Detector, 4.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings


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